Structural Services


Steel 3D modelling

We provide full range of steel 3D modelling services. Our in-house detailers with rich experience in steel fabrication, transportation and erection, are committed to providing an accurate, efficient, and quality steel modelling service to the customers. Our experienced team foresees all possible handling constrains while detailing to avoid problems during fabrication, delivery and erection at a later stage. We use the latest technological tools to ensure accurate structure modelling.

  • Framing
  • Connections

  • Rebar 3D modelling

    E4BIM provides Rabar 3D modelling services in creating your placing drawings, fabrication details, bar bending schedules, and concrete quantity and material reports directly from your 3D model, which automatically updates to reflect model changes. You can reduce documentation production time, errors, and design flaws with our advanced 3D application for modelling, detailing, and scheduling. With advanced 3D modelling of reinforced concrete structures, you can customize your specific preferences and achieve cent percent accuracy.

    Steel Detailing

    We add value to structural steel projects by utilizing advanced BIM techniques. We work closely with designers to create a completely detailed steel structure as part of the design phase of the project. This has proven to shorten delivery schedules, eliminate RFIs and ease coordination efforts. Beyond coordination, we offer significant value to the design team as well as the construction team.

  • Anchor Bolt Plan
  • Erection Sheets
  • Assembly Sheets
  • Single Parts
  • Reports

  • Rebar Detailing

    Our team creates detailed placing drawings that stand out from the competition. We use the latest in CAD technology and have rich combined experience in creating drawings that show the rebar layout. These drawings are so detailed that contractors often refer to our drawings in place of the structures for visualization. This largely helps in reducing installation costs.

    As Built drawings

    We provide as-built drawing services across various disciplines. Our services help clients to create accurate documentation so that all phases recorded during the construction of a building are recorded and updated as they happen. These include modifications, field changes, design changes, and every other change that is designed and implemented during the construction phase, and well as notes and sketches explaining the changes. This helps our clients in taking safety measures such as process safety management and process hazard analysis. We use latest tools like Autodesk AutoCAD and Bentley MicroStation for most accurate results


    Quantity take-off

    We work with contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers round the globe. Our team is experienced in working with all types of commercial and residential estimation projects. You will get a complete list of materials with quantities and locations along with the measurements used for the take off. When you receive our completed take-off, you will also receive any discrepancies in the plan or any assumptions that has been made due to missing information. Our team is focused to provide you with the most accurate take-off so that project success is assured.